Free street hypnosis is the most accessible form of our amazing art.

Of course it is not just in the street but wherever people congregate and, these days, is likely to be in bars and clubs and fairs and parks and sporting events etc. and goes back to the oldest traditions of public street performing.





Very few hypnotists would dream of going near street hypnosis because of the unpredictability of “impromptu performance street hypnosis”, to give it its proper name. Most hypnotherapists need 20 minutes or so and a quiet room and whale music to produce trance but stage hypnotists don’t have that luxury – they have to be FAST. Simon Sez comedy stage hypnotist only needs a few seconds…



The majority of people are naturally curious about hypnosis but often have a variety of folklore preconceptions, many of which come from low budget 1950s Hollywood B-movies.

Once this misinformation is dispelled and people realise that everything is safe and fun, people (over the age of 18 in the UK) can try hypnosis in a fun and inclusive way, often surrounded by their friends and it can add a real buzz to an evening out for everyone.

Most people are good subjects and seeing the amazing things your friends can do as they drift gently in to trance is amazing and fun and a bit mysterious.

From my point of view it is a great way to introduce myself to people and demonstrate that hypnosis does not have to be on a big stage but can be scaled to almost any event size.

Once people realise how portable a fun comedy hypnotic (or a hypnotic experience) event is, they often ask if they can book a show for their event or party in the future.

Personally, I get a fair bit of work from demonstrating the wonders of hypnosis for free but I do like to get paid for shows !!