No More Nerves – I Passed !!



Sam proudly showing his test certificate


Simon was recommended to me by my driving instructor after several failed tests where my body would completely shut down through nerves. I’m a quietly confident person and with my job I’ve had years of exams which have never affected/bothered me; so this was a very alien reaction to me.

I went to Simon with no experience of hypnosis, so I was quite sceptical in truth but open to trying. I could tell immediately that Simon takes his job very seriously and talked me through an action plan to help me pass my test and to use for other aspects of life. I had a light session which did not involve going fully ‘under’. He described it to me as more of a change of perspective and spoke about the science of how the brain operates during fears etc and how the session would activate that part of the brain. The session involved light hypnosis where I was aware of where I was and would need to use my imagination to make the most of the session which I did.

The session starts by relaxing you and allowing the brain to ‘open up’ so to speak. During this I was aware of where I was, so I was still a little sceptical, this changed when Simon told me that when he clicked his fingers and I opened my eyes that I’d feel the best I had felt in months. The only way I can really describe this was when I opened my eyes I felt this incredible high. I felt confident, not just in terms of the test, but in terms of everything. Since this I have honestly felt the best I have ever felt – more confident and self assured, relaxed and positive.

In terms of my driving, I noticed that I was driving more subconsciously and was able to pass mock tests where my instructor and I would re-enact the test detail for detail. Simon would keep in touch with me to check my progress which showed me again how seriously he was taking this. When my test came around I was excited rather than nervous. There was such a change in me and I was able to complete the test and the nerves I had previously had did not affect me physically at all and I could drive as I normally would. I had passed – on the FIRST attempt since my hypnosis.

I cannot recommend Simon enough and without his help I would have failed again. Instead, after just one session, I now FINALLY have my driving licence and a new found confidence. A lot of other things are going very well right now and I put a lot of that down to the new perspective that Simon gave me.

I urge anyone who needs help in something psychological to contact Simon and talk through what help he can offer.

Sam, Stoke-on-Trent


Well done Sam – now you can do anything.

2C5A2469“We booked Simon Sez for a difficult Christmas party and it was BRILLIANT !

Really funny and tasteful – even the reluctant and non believers were totally won over and amazed.

Will definitely book again – great entertainer and highly recommended.”

Leigh Andrews, assistant manager, The Cotton Mill, Newcastle under Lyme – a Marstons Group company


SueHarrison“When we told family and friends that a hypnotist was going to entertain us at my husbands 60th birthday party the reaction was mixed. Some guests immediately said that they wanted to be “put under” whilst others regarded it as something close to the dark arts and to be avoided at all costs.
I’m delighted to share that by the end of the show even the most hardened sceptics had been converted when faced with the evidence before their own eyes.

Simon had the audience crying with laughter as he put the “volunteers” through their paces and yes, I really DID believe that I was conducting the orchestra at the Last Night of the Proms!

If you want something a little different to make your party a memorable occasion then Simon-Sez should be top of your list. The material is tailored to the event so you don’t need to worry about making your Mum blush.

Professional, polished and a great entertainer, I would definitely book Simon-Sez for future parties.

Simon, thanks for a fantastic evening which party goers were still talking about a month later.”
Sue Harrison, Salisbury

HarperAdamsLogo“We have used stage hypnotists before but they can be a little OTT.
This time we wanted something really funny but rather more classy and not as obviously “blue” as some other performers – a very difficult brief for a student audience!
Simon Sez delivered exactly what we wanted – a great night, really funny and did not make anyone look stupid. Everyone had a great time and was amazed by the antics on stage.

All round a step up in entertainment – we will be inviting Simon Sez back again.”
Harper Adams University, Shropshire

liam-davison“We booked Simon Sez for a boys’ surprise stag night and it was amazing. The lads thought they were getting a stripper but they were not disappointed as this WAS much funnier !
Simon was really professional and did the whole show without swearing and kept a straight face throughout – that made it even better. Not laughed so much in ages. I will never look at my friends in quite the same way !
Will definitely book Simon again – he just never stops..”

Liam Davison, Milton Keynes

WildWestBBQ“Every year we have a family party and this time wanted something a bit different for entertainment. This year we had a fancy dress Wild West Party and Simon Sez came to town…
We never knew our family and friends could be so funny – between Clumsy Clint and Wobbly Wyatt and the gang – it was a scream”
The Taylor family


Swimming? – I always freeze and shake and am petrified. I have been for one-to-one lessons and therapy but nothing could break the cast iron grip of my childhood fear.
In desperation, I asked Simon to help me and after just two hypnosis sessions, what a difference – I could get in the water calmly enough to try swimming. After a month’s lessons, I can now swim a whole width underwater – WOW !
My fear of the water has almost completely gone and it has changed my life – I just wish I had tried hypnosis years ago. Thank you”
Kerry Evans, Stafford

party-600x600“Booked Simon Sez, hoping he could add some sparkle to our party. WOW – what a difference a professional entertainer makes.
He turned what would have been an OK night in to something awesome – I’ll never see the girls in the same light – BRILLIANT, funny and tasteful. Thanks again from us all x”
Heather Banks, Wolverhampton

smiley_face-290x300Simon, I just want to say a BIG BIG thank you for helping me with my personal issues.
As you know I had suffered for years and it had nearly ruined my marriage but now it is resolved.

Now we can move forwards. I wish I had come to see you years ago.

Name witheld, Stoke on Trent

I have suffered with a terrible phobia of blood and needles for over 40 years and have NEVER before been able to have a blood test. Even just the mention of needles has always made me feel faint and the thought of actually going for a blood test …. well that’s NEVER going to happen…

I needed to have a blood test and so I asked Simon to help me with this problem and after just one hypnotherapy session I felt brave enough to book a blood test at my doctor’s surgery.

Simon’s gentle but powerful hypnotherapy allowed me to conquer this fear and actually go for a blood test and laugh about it – partly out of relief and partly joy, knowing that I can do this now on my own whenever I need to is life changing. Thank you

Russell, Eccleshall

woman-orgasmI want to say how utterly amazed I am as I never imagined hypnosis could do this.

After never being able to enjoy one of life’s most intense pleasures without a marathon of nearly an hour (which meant I was always on my own by then) – I can now do this beautifully in just a couple of minutes !!

WOW !! In just one session we have overturned 30 years of being excluded from the fun. I knew there was nothing wrong with me. If only I had known about this years ago.

Simon you have changed my life in the most amazing and profound way and so professionally that I never felt awkward or embarrassed – watch out potential new partners …

Please don’t give out my name.

Thank you & hugs xxx

Name witheld, Blythe Bridge


I have struggled with my weight all my life and have been as heavy as 21 stone. I got down to 17 stone but could get no further, even though I have tried every diet under the sun.

I enrolled in Simon’s weight loss club and in 3 months I have lost 3 stone – I feel absolutely amazing.

But my goal is a 6 stone loss which I am now certain I will achieve within 6 months.

I am SO happy – a million thanks Simon

Rachel, Brownhills

As a serving police officer, I need a lot of confidence to do my job effectively.


After an accident and subsequent operation, I had been off work for a while and lost my confidence so badly that frankly I could no longer do my job.

I saw one of Simon’s shows and took a card. Even though I was skeptical, I asked Simon to help me regain my confidence and after just one session – WOW !

I am now super confident and easily able to do my job and I am so much happier in every way.

Simon gave me my life back – Thank you.

Angela, Eccleshall

I have suffered from depression and alcoholism for years. I used to drink a lot for days on end when things got bad.


I have been in and out of hospital for years and have bad liver problems and  bleeding from my throat.I was a mess and the doctors told me that my next drink would probably be my last.

After several sessions with Simon, I am so different – so much more positive and happy. My depression has lifted and I am planning my life now.


Simon you have given me my life back and I can’t say thank you enough.

Grace, Birmingham

    Life Begins at 50!!



2C5A5690 -1

2C5A5689 -1

My name is Rachel and I was at my wit’s end trying to lose weight. I had tried everything.

I was fat, fifty and frumpy and not enjoying being me.

I met Simon and asked if he could help me lose weight.

My target was 10 stone – size 10 and looking wonderful for my daughter’s wedding.


After just a few sessions with Simon, both in person and by Skype I have done it – 10 stone at last !


Hypnosis has helped to make the nightmare of yo-yo dieting in to an easy life changing way to live as a slimmer, happier person.

Just look how different I am now.


Thank you Simon – I could not have done this without you.

Rachel, Hereford

    Raised over £2000 for charity !!

“We booked Simon Sez for a Comedy & Curry Night we organised to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity and we were not disappointed.


The show was fantastic and SO many people came to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed it!

Not only was his show great, but Simon’s communication from the second I rang him to find out what he was all about to even after the event was second to none and it put me completely at ease about his part of the show.

Reliable and totally professional – would definitely recommend Simon Sez to anyone”.

Kerri Emerson, Solihul

2C5A7004 2C5A6999 2C5A7020

    Sports club night

“We had a great time with hypnotist Simon Sez – amazing ! Will definitely book again”


Donnington Sports and Social Club, Donnington, Nr Telford






    Retirement Party

I had a brilliant night at my retirement party. I am really glad I booked Simon Sez for the entertainment. Everyone really enjoyed it and I have had so many messages today from my guests saying what a fantastic night it was. He made everyone feel at ease and I would certainly recommend him.”


Denise Barnett, Stoke on Trent


 Conducting Last Night of the Proms


Simon Sez


Being a shoeshine (mmm maybe something else going on here?)


Being Mistress Whippy

    70th Birthday Party

“Absolutely brilliant – Simon kept everyone entertained will definitely book him again. Cheers Lawrence”

Lawrence Coutts, Congleton




Getting sleepy…


Mistress Whippy


  I can’t find my mouth – oops !!

    No More Panic – No More Pills !!

“For 33 years I suffered on and off with Panic attacks, trying everything the doctors suggested but ending up on pills and feeling like a nut job. All I wanted was someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy and to end my nightmare of frequent daily panic attacks.

I’d all about given up hope when searching internet for help Simon’s ad popped up and seeing as he was accredited and had good reviews I thought what the hell. I thought there was no way in hell it would work but it did.

After the first session I felt a huge weight lift off my soul and I felt for the first time I was ready to live and not just exist. After the second session I felt ready to take on the world and had no more full-blown panic attacks.

To say I was gobsmacked at the results is an understatement. Simon has been amazing. He made me realise why I was having the attacks, that I wasn’t crazy only fit for the loony bin and most of all he was just comforting, checking in on me, offering encouragement at every turn.

I highly recommend Simon and his therapy to everyone. Thank you Simon – you’ve changed my life.”

Sally, Burton on Trent