Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Want a truly fantastic & memorable night? Want to laugh until your sides ache?

Comedy stage hypnotist Simon-Sez will have your friends, family and work colleagues in stitches with his hilarious show where the volunteers are the true stars of the show which can be adapted for all occasions. Formal, informal, corporate and family occasions are all catered for with careful consultation in advance. Family shows or more adult content depending on the occasion.

Want to see your friends, family or colleagues really become a super-hero, a Martian ambassador, a famous singer or a household appliance? Simon’s shows celebrate the human capacity for creativity and fun. If people can imagine it, they really can be it – it’s hilarious!

Sorry, legally in the UK only over 18s can be hypnotised. All public shows comply with the 1952 Hypnotism act. Professional and fully insured. Member of FESH (Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists).
All reasonable requests considered to help improve your night.

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Your Party or Event

Want your party to really stand out?

Simon-Sez can mingle with your guests as a roving hypnotist and bring all the fun of stage hypnosis but without the formal approach

To make your party really stand out, book Simon-Sez !! Simon will do a mini version of his stage act, or simply mingle with your guests – or both! Formal, informal, corporate and family occasions are all catered for with careful consultation in advance.

Simon will keep his presentation clean and family-friendly, or he’ll spice it up depending on your request. The act itself will always be respectful and your guests will be in good hands.

Street Hypnosis

Simon is a highly experienced street hypnotist, letting people safely experience the magic and fun of hypnosis in a truly informal setting – their own leisure time.

Whether it is performing in front of crowds on the world famous Fremont Street in Las Vegas or your local pub, club or sporting event, Simon Sez can always amaze onlookers with the sheer latent talent of people in everyday life.

Hypno Holiday

Hypno-Holidays & Adventures

Want to go on an adventure or a relaxing holiday but just don’t have the time or can’t afford it? Simon-Sez can take you on a virtual but very real holiday anywhere…

  •  Want to sit on a beautiful beach?

  •  Want to ski like an Olympic downhill champion?

  •  Want to try wingsuit flying (very scary)?

  •  Want to be a weightless astronaut?

Anything is possible – where would you like to go?

Comedy Stage Hypnotist