Simon Sez comedy hypnotist in Carnforth

Here is Simon Sez comedy hypnotist performing at the Carnforth Cricket Club in Carnforth after a match.

The audience were pretty skeptical but soon saw that comedy hypnosis is fun and safe and amazing and very real !!

A big thank you to the organisers for having me and to my brilliant photographer and of course the brave volunteers. Hope to see you all again soon.

Simon Sez Comedy hypnotist
Getting in to trance….
Simon Sez Comedy hypnotist
Oops … Was it something I said?
Simon Sez Comedy hypnotistMistress Dominatrix enjoying herself
Simon Sez Comedy hypnotist
So thirsty but just cannot drink
Simon Sez Comedy hypnotist
X-ray specs make everyone naked !
Simon Sez Comedy hypnotist
Romance is alive and well in Carnforth
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