Self Confidence

Weight Loss

This is an example of a typical weight loss client’s experience using Simon Sez’s powerful but gentle techniques.

Rachel has lost 3 stone in 3 months – WITHOUT being hungry !! Now she is half way to her target weight loss of 6 stone and she WILL get there.

For our friends in USA who don’t use stones (1 stone = 14 Lbs) so that is 42 Lbs or 19 Kg in 3 months. WOW Rachel – well done !!

So many people have either battled with their weight all their adult lives or since having children or the emotion from a traumatic event has ignited weight gain that is difficult to remove and very difficult to keep off.

Hypnotherapy is no substitute for will power but it is not will power you need – it is a change with your relationship with food. We can help you WANT to eat less.

Let Simon help you shed those extra pounds FOREVER without taking drugs and without surgical intervention and without any more expensive and silly fad diets or disgusting green gloop !

Fears and Phobias

Many of us have phobias or anxieties.

There is a natural mechanism in our brains designed to protect us from genuinely dangerous things (like being attacked by ferocious wild animals or falling) and that is vital. mouseFight or flight response is important in the right situation.

Sometimes we learn fears from our parents but most problem phobias are normally caused by the wrong application of that mechanism – it gets activated by things that once seemed scary (maybe when you were a child) but clearly are not now.

However, your response to the thing that frightens you just gets stronger and stronger every time you experience it. You know it is irrational but you just can’t help it. Sound familiar?

Many people’s lives are blighted by their phobias and sadly they think they will just have to live with it – wrong!

Most phobias can be massively reduced or eliminated completely in just one or two sessions with a spidanimegood subject and most phobia sufferers are good subjects.

After all, you hypnotised yourself to learn it was scary in the first place when in reality it wasn’t scary at all. All we have to do is reverse the process.

Accelerated Learning

Do you have an important test or exams to study for but find it difficult?

MortarBoardsAre you trying to learn a new sport or skill? Maybe it’s a musical instrument but you can’t get to practise enough?

Have you noticed that some things are easy and fast to learn and other things seem impossible? Why? It is how you approach the learning.

Things that are fun and that you are interested in are easy to learn. Simon-Sez can help can make learning fun and help you create the right attitude.

Are you sometimes shy or lacking in confidence? Perhaps it is a situational thing? Big meetings, presentations, exams, driving tests, auditions, public speaking or just plain social awkwardness?

Why are some people overflowing with genuine confidence which seems to make them outshine everyone else?

They get the best in life, they go first, they get the date, the job, and the friends – why?

Let Simon-Sez show you how they do it. It is not difficult – it just takes the right approach.

“Low self-confidence isn’t a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered–just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.”

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Limiting Beliefs

Are you (or do you live with) someone who only lives half a life because of limiting beliefs?

Things they don’t try because “it’s not for people like me” or “I wouldn’t like that” or “I could never do that”?

Parents, society, schools, institutions, friends and partners can all inadvertently do terrible damage to us and our loved ones by imposing their own limitations upon us.

Creating false boundaries and limiting what is thought to be you think is appropriate, expected or allowed.


Often these people are only enjoying half the freedom, choices and fun and they should have and, as a result, they are not getting their share of life mentally, physically or spiritually. Life is so wonderful but only when you have choices and new experiences.

There is far more unwitting mental cruelty out there than you might imagine.

Set your mind free from the constraints of other people’s attitudes or guilt so that, maybe for the first time, you can have a real choice about your life and your future.

You would be amazed at what is possible…. Let Simon-Sez be your guide.

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Time for Change

Time for Change? – you can think differently

We each have a picture of ourselves and that determines how we see the world. Imagine if you could change that worldview, that picture of yourself – well you can.


Change how you see yourself and you will change too – your brain won’t allow any other outcome.

This can be applied to most situations where you want to be different – don’t be the old you that’s holding you back. Be the new you – the real you.

Think differently – live better. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it is possible when you know how. Let Simon-Sez help you draw up a plan of where (and who) you want to be and help you get there.