A new approach – a better way…

Simon is a highly experienced hypnotist, sales trainer and sales process coach, based in the West Midlands, UK.

Simon is fully certified in both stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy (having trained extensively both in the UK and the USA) and has been entertaining and helping people for many years.


Both Simon-Sez’s public and corporate stage hypnosis shows are hilarious and demonstrate just how much fun both the volunteers and the audience can have when beliefs are temporarily altered, inhibitions reduced and people really are a super-hero or a famous singer or a household appliance! Your friends and colleagues can do the most amazing things.

So whether it’s a show or an event or a product launch – you can count on Simon Sez making you look really good.

On a more serious note, for the last 25 years, Simon has been training sales techniques in some of the most challenging sales environments and specialises in industries with high rejection rates. In these circumstances, the mood and attitude of the salesperson is absolutely vital and Simon’s unique understanding of the best ways for people to learn really pays dividends here.

Measured knowledgeable approach – Advanced Psychological Suggestion…

In advanced training, Simon uses an advanced form of NLP called APS faqs_right(Advanced Psychological Suggestion) to help sales staff learn their role more quickly and thoroughly insulate themselves from the damaging effect of rejection by customers.

Outside the sales arena, Simon specialises in helping people with issues that stem from negative beliefs. Whether that is low self-confidence, a problem phobia or personal issues from the past. Being a hypnotist first, then a hypnotherapist (see below) enables these changes to be made very quickly. People do not even have to divulge the issue if they find it embarrassing or difficult to talk about.

Simon combines the best ingredients from stage, therapy and training to produce a new and more flexible approach to getting the very best from people in all areas of their lives.

Simon is totally professional and, unlike many, fully insured and a member of the Federation of Ethical Stage Hypnotists.

Action – Helping you to help yourself…

2C5A2816Simon-Sez is not a conventional hypnotherapist – he does what works.

If you are looking for someone to talk to for weeks, making slow and expensive progress – this site is not for you. Please contact a more traditional hypnotherapist instead.

However, if you are fed up with living as you are and want fast and effective change – read on because Simon’s hypnosis is gentle, fast and very effective.

Simon regularly helps people make profound changes in just one session, if they are good subjects.

So stop wishing – Simon-Sez act now !



Hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis have traditionally been totally separate cultures with much misunderstanding on both sides. They are taught separately and entirely differently, yet the very skills each possesses are most valuable to the other.

Many hypnotherapists would pour scorn on stage work but could not do it themselves as they just do not have the high level hypnotic skills required. Most stage hypnotists believe that many therapists string people along for weeks unnecessarily, rather than fixing their issues quickly.

It is time people who needed help could get fast relief from someone who is necessarily very skilled in hypnosis rather than being “talked at” for weeks and equally time that volunteers on stage got the same care and attention that those in therapy have a right to expect.

Simon-Sez combines the best of these disciplines with those of an experienced and professional trainer to obtain amazing results helping people get the best from their personal & work lives.



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Some valued testimonials

The Cotton Mill,
The Cotton Mill, Newcastle-under-Lyme. A Marstons Group Company.
We booked comedy hypnotist Simon Sez to do a challenging Christmas party event in a difficult setting and it was BRILLIANT !!

Really funny and tasteful – even the reluctant and non believers were amazed. Our customers will be talking about this for months.

Will definitely use again – Highly recommended.”

The Cotton Mill, Newcastle-under-Lyme. A Marstons Group Company.

Amy Collins
Amy CollinsLas Vegas Nevada USA
“I’ve never gotten hypnotized before and I loved it – especially by a real English gentleman.

Like everyone else, I think I would have done most anything that night on Fremont Street even in front of all those folks but I knew I was real safe.

Come back next year Mr Simon Sez and bring your funny English ways with you”

Liam Davison
Liam DavisonMilton Keynes
“We booked Simon Sez for a boys’ surprise stag night and it was amazing. The lads thought they were getting a stripper but they were not disappointed as this WAS much funnier !

Simon was really professional and did the whole show without swearing and kept a straight face throughout – that made it even better. Not laughed so much in ages. I will never look at my friends in quite the same way !

Will definitely book Simon again – he just never stops..”

Kerry Evans
Kerry EvansStafford
“Swimming? – I have always been absolutely terrified of the water and at 42 years old still could not swim. I always freeze and shake and am petrified. I have been for one-to-one lessons and therapy but nothing could break the cast iron grip of my fear.

In desperation, I asked Simon to help me and after just two hypnosis sessions, what a difference – I could get in the water calmly enough to try swimming. After a month’s lessons, I can now swim a whole width underwater – WOW !

My fear of the water has almost completely gone and it has changed my life – I just wish I had tried hypnosis years ago.