How you feel determines how you behave…

Sales Performance

Working in sales can be one of the most challenging environments – particularly in direct sales or customer facing roles where frequent customer rejection goes with the territory.



You know how destructive rejection and feelings of failure are to your self confidence and well being. The longer you are in the downward confidence and performance spiral, the worse it gets and the less you earn.

Professional sales people can get over this but at what personal and emotional cost?

If you can learn to avoid these pitfalls, the lifetime earnings potential increases dramatically.

The results? – sales people are motivated, sales teams become high performing.

So, if you want to dramatically improve your conversion rates, let Simon-Sez show you how to push those feelings to one side and keep them there.

You can have the performance of you on your BEST day – every day.

logo_creation_xmlIndividuals or whole teams can benefit from APS (Advanced Psychological Suggestion) – start reliably selling more today!

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Accelerated Learning

faqs_rightMore has been discovered about how the human brain works in the last 25 years than in all history to date.

We each have a preferred learning style — a way of learning that suits us best. If you know and use the techniques that match your preferred way of learning, you learn more naturally.

Because it is more natural for you, it becomes easier.

And because it is easier, it is quicker.
Hence the name – Accelerated Learning.

Immediate access to the right vocabulary and turn of phrase can increase personal impact and business performance dramatically.

icon_rocketsMemory capacity, memory recall and the right attitude all contribute to how you are perceived. Change the way people think about you and you change your personal impact.
Are you trying to learn a new skill at work but can’t get to practise enough?

Have you noticed that some things are easy and fast to learn and other things seem impossible?

Why? It is how you approach the learning.

Things that you are interested in and fun are easy to learn.

Simon-Sez can help can make learning fun and help you create the right attitude.

Mood Management


How frequently does your mood influence your behavior or attitude in a bad way?

What you think determines how you see the world which controls how you behave – mood is important.

Sometimes we just feel rubbish and if you are customer facing – that can be a big and expensive problem.

How you feel will no longer be decided by what happens to you but how you decide to feel.
Let Simon-Sez help you be the master of your moods and feelings and feel your best, BE your best – on purpose every day.