The Effect of Dynamic & Motivational Sales Training


Motivation 20
Job Satisfaction 17
Lead Generation 32
Conversion Rate 25
Retained Margin 19

Attitude is everything in sales – more important than product or price or market share.

Let our dynamic, highly motivational and fun sales training motivate & transform the attitude of your sales team and see your results soar !!


Motivation 88%
Job Satisfaction 78%
Lead Generation 65%
Conversion Rate 56%
Retained Margin 66%

The Real Key to Sales Training is the Attitude of the Salespeople

Frustrated employee sitting and desk holding his head - problems and stress at work


You can have the best sales processes and systems but when the salespeople or managers are not at their best, they will fail. They will fail to infect the customers with the required the vital ingredients for a sale – enthusiasm for the product, the company and themselves.

We all know the salesperson who has blown the last 3 prospects is down and dispondent and unable to perform at their best. You expect them to have thicker skins but they don’t. It feels like you might be better sending them home rather than watch them burn your expensively generated prospects. You keep wanting to change the status quo – but how? The fantastic sales people you dream about recruiting – you can’t find or afford or keep them.

Thankfully, there is a better pattern we have all seen – think about the new starter who outperforms the rest of the team for a while until they get “reprogrammed” by the old stalwarts. Then there is the salesperson whose last 3 customers have all bought and is ready for the next – in fact the next customer is already dealt.

What do all these situations have in common? It’s not product or price or any of the traditional excuses – it’s ATTITUDE, BELIEF, CONFIDENCE and SELF IMAGE.

We can change all of those.

Sometimes All Sales Departments Need a Helping Hand



voltmeter01Using the latest psychological techniques, we can show you and your salespeople how to tap in to their enthusiasm and be them on their best day  – every day – on purpose.

We will show them how to maintain their full “14 volts”  all day, every day. They will be happier more profitable employees, producing better customer experiences, better CSI, better conversion rates, higher margins and a better business.

Consistent high performance is NEVER an accident – this is how you can access it.

We are highly experienced sales trainers and expert hypnotists  and know more than most how people learn and what it takes to motivate people – it is rarely money !! Your people are almost certainly brilliant already – they have just forgotten how…


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Show Me How


All successful sales teams use a defined sales process – a proven plan to maximise the chance of the right outcome – the sale.

Whether the salesperson has 30 years’ experience or 3 months’ – they can be the best they can be with every prospect.

It allows the sales management team to know what is happening and be part of the process to assist (or rescue) the situation at every stage.


Qualification of the customer is by far the MOST important part of any sales process.

However, because most salespeople are paid on commission and they think seeing the maximum number of customers is the way to maximise sales, qualification is often hurried or missed out completely.

Simon can show your team how to use the latest proven psychological techniques to produce rapport based professional qualifications to make friends with the customers and substantially improve your conversion rates.


Strangely, people think product demonstrations are about the product – they are not !!

Demonstrations are about changing the mindset of the prospect and are a unique opportunity to build upon the professional qualification ad further make friends with the prospect.

Ideally getting them to try and use the product – to feel what it would be like to own it and derive the benefits from the, now exciting, product.

Demonstrations should always produce a strong feeling of obligation in the minds of your prospects.

 The Psychology of the Sale

Simon will clearly explain in practical terms the underlying (and often not obvious) psychology of the sale.

Traditional ideas about product, price etc are much less important than you might think. Most prospects buy emotionally – do they like the salesperson? Have they enjoyed the buying / selling process? Do they trust the salesperson?


Handling the sale properly and expertly can transform the outcome.


There are many widely believed myths about closing and the mystery of highly effective “closers”.

Most of these myths are wrong.


Professional closing is not a uphill struggle or some attempt to “shoehorn” prospects in to becoming a customer. That’s assault !!

Closing is all about pulling, not pushing – it’s about helping people want to buy your product or service.

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