You know how sometimes you just hate yourself? Why did you eat those Pringles or have that biscuit? Well there IS a reason you keep doing this. You CAN change !!




Whilst most of my publicised work is as Simon Sez comedy stage hypnotist making people laugh, I also spend a lot of time training people in business and being a very effective hypnotherapist.

It takes considerable skill to be able to make a comedy evening work well and those skills are invaluable in my other work. Often people see me perform and then ask if I can help them with a problem.



And sIMG_0601-webo it was for Shaun – he was a very overweight chef surrounded by food all day. Over the years he has tried every diet but just yo-yoed and could not lose the weight.

He asked if I could help him lose 4 stone in 4 months WITHOUT being hungry.



His story is amazing and heartrending.

















Looking good !!




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WOW – See the results for yourself. NO DIETING !! What he WANTS to eat has changed.

Watch his story and see the huge difference – he is now healthy, slim, happy, positive.

The journey lowers his blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar by using hypnosis to change his diet & lifestyle.

He gets back with his wife and at long last gets his pilot’s licence renewed (blood pressure too high before).

Simon’s gentle and powerful hypnosis totally changes (and probably saves) his life.

Keep up the good work Shaun !!