Hypnotist01Being a comedy stage hypnotist is a very interesting and unusual existence.

Everyone is intrigued and even fascinated by hypnosis but most people know hardly anything about it.

People have views and prejudices that they often explain to the hypnotist but most of it is folklore and often from 1950s B movies. Some people want to challenge you “You couldn’t hypnotise me !!” but most people just want to know more and, if they trust the hypnotist or are with friends etc, they would like a go.

Most people are good subjects but everyone needs to be in the right mood to be hypnotised.

All my first time volunteers always say the same thing about their experience – they say “it was both much less and much more than I expected” Let me explain….

They expected to feel totally different, like in the movies, but they felt just like themselves only beautifully relaxed.

They also thought they were in complete control but they found that (on stage at least) they just didn’t want to take back control – that’s why they were stuck to something or couldn’t lift up the glass or whatever.

Hypnosis is amazing. For more examples, please see my Youtube channel Simon Sez hypnotist.