Simon Sez spends a good part of his time helping people with all sorts of issues that get in the way of them getting the most from their lives and each client presents with a unique mix of issues.

Recently, Simon helped a lady (who wants to remain anonymous, hence the picture) to learn / discover her ability to orgasm easily.

Many issues from her past conspired to get in the way of this beautiful, important and natural function. It would take her almost an hour to climax, even using sex toys. As many as 30% of the female population suffer from exactly the same situation, normally referred to as Anorgasmia.


After just one session of gentle but powerful professional hypnosis to remove a number of mental blocks from her past , this lovely and genuine lady had so much more confidence and felt so much better about the whole situation.

She went home and “tested” the work  and was proud and excited to later report that the hour had now been reduced to just a couple of minutes !!

This completely changes her relationship with the enjoyment of lovemaking with and without a partner.

Hypnosis is truly amazing.