No More Panic – No More Pills !!

“For 33 years I suffered on and off with Panic attacks, trying everything the doctors suggested but ending up on pills and feeling like a nut job. All I wanted was someone to tell me I wasn’t crazy and to end my nightmare of frequent daily panic attacks.

I’d all about given up hope when searching internet for help Simon’s ad popped up and seeing as he was accredited and had good reviews I thought what the hell. I thought there was no way in hell it would work but it did.

After the first session I felt a huge weight lift off my soul and I felt for the first time I was ready to live and not just exist. After the second session I felt ready to take on the world and had no more full-blown panic attacks.

To say I was gobsmacked at the results is an understatement. Simon has been amazing. He made me realise why I was having the attacks, that I wasn’t crazy only fit for the loony bin and most of all he was just comforting, checking in on me, offering encouragement at every turn.

I highly recommend Simon and his therapy to everyone. Thank you Simon – you’ve changed my life.”

Sally, Burton on Trent


Thank you Sally – really proud of you. Sometimes this job is its own reward.

If you have issues or are fed up with just being tranquilised by your GP – why not see if we can resolve your issues instead?