Comedy Stage Hypnotist Workwear

Being a successful comedy stage hypnotist or street hypnotist is far more than just standing up on stage and doing your stuff, however good you are.

Simon-Sez-Vicar01You have to actively and constantly play with and alter people’s perceptions. Often how you look and what you wear is enough to change the way people react. For instance, when going out as Simon Sez comedy stage hypnotist, I sometimes wear fancy dress.

It’s funny, relaxes people or changes their behaviour – appearance, manner, words – still so powerful in our society after all these years.

Here I am out having fun as Father Simon Sez, minister without religion. The power of people’s existing programming (as that’s what it is) by society / parents / education, often automatically displayed for all to see. We are in no way making fun of anyone’s deeply held beliefs but demonstrating the power of patterns of appearance.

Being a minister of a religion and being a hypnotist are obviously pretty similar jobs.

Thanks to all the people who were completely taken in by the act and to those people who guessed I was a humorous imposter – I will do better next time. Maybe it takes a certain brand of humour to pull people’s legs but if it is fun for everyone – why not?